What to Watch On Netflix: The Wrong Missy

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If you don’t like “zany” comedies or Adam Sandler films then don’t watch The Wrong Missy. Simple. If you do however like either or both of those things then you should absolutely watch Netflix’s latest Sandler produced circus parade.

I myself fall into the latter category. I’ve always been a fan of Sandler films, names like Big Daddy, The Waterboy, 50 First Dates, Blended, Grown Ups and so on, spring to mind. I think they’re an easy watch and funny which is generally all I want from a comedy film albeit even I can admit that his recent films have missed more often than they have hit the mark.

So with The Wrong Missy, we have regular Sandler co-star David Spade taking the reigns this time, playing straight-laced businessman Tim Morris who after accepting a blind date from Melissa aka Missy (Lauren Lapkus) quickly realises he’s stumbled into the ninth circle of hell. After a disastrous first date, Tim has all but given up hope in his search for a companion until three months later when he meets another Melissa in the airport; the two connect immediately and Tim finds a renewed hope for his relationship woes. Before parting ways she gives Tim her number and after some back and forth texting, he eventually invites her along to a company retreat in Hawaii. However, upon boarding the plane, Melissa shows up at which point Tim realises that he has in fact been texting the wrong Missy. He wanted cute, he got crazy instead.

Within the opening 5 minutes we discover that Missy is certifiably insane; she stitches Tim up by making him approach a decoy blind date sat at the bar, Tim then presses on to whisk this lovely lady away from the real life version of Moana’s Maui and Missy intervenes just as Tim is about to be pummelled, narrowly avoiding a trip to intensive care. She then orders tequila shots, implies that Tim’s sobriety is a result of alcoholism and says those three special words ordinarily reserved for further down the road – I love you. Tim attempts to bail through the bathroom window only to be accosted by Missy who slides under his cubicle, catching him mid-escape, insisting they need to leave the restaurant because she’s brandished her trusty friend Sheila, a sizeable hunting knife. That’s just the first scene.

It all sets a precedent for what’s to come. Lauren Lapkis’s Missy steals the spotlight through a series of calamitous scenarios, frequently hilarious and totally off the wall. She’s awkward, obnoxious, borderline unbearable to watch at times to the point where you feel such sympathy for poor old Tim as he desperately tries to impress his new CEO, only to have every opportunity derailed by the insufferable Missy. Happy Madison alumni Rob Schneider lends his wacky disposition as the deformed Scuba Instructor, Komante which makes for some amusing moments too.

As the film develops we gain an understanding for Missy and her wild persona, as does Tim. It’s a fairly predictable affair all in all but peppered with hilarious moments and a showboat performance for Lapkus.


The Wrong Missy is one of the better Sandler produced Netflix outings in recent memory. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel it still stands a solid effort for fans of gross-out comedy. Lauren Lapkis showcases her slapstick capabilities as the scene stealing Missy, who is sure to crack a smile across even the hardest of faces.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Stream it on Netflix here https://www.netflix.com/gb/

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