Little Monsters (2019): Review

Well. Little Monsters is a pleasant surprise indeed. Australian director Abe Forsythe delivers the funnies with a gruesome, potty-mouthed and ever so endearing, zombie outbreak horror-comedy.

Alexander England plays Dave, a washed up musician who after a breakup with his long term girlfriend, is forced to live with his sister and young nephew, Felix. Dave is a somewhat liability and to ensure he pulls his weight around the place, rather than playing video games and teaching profanity to young Felix, he is tasked with the monumental responsibility of the morning school drop off. It’s here, our titular moron lays eyes on radiant kindergarten teacher, Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o). Engulfed by infatuation, Dave sets out to prove his merit when he volunteers to chaperone a school trip at a local farm; conveniently placed next to a U.S. military testing facility.

Skip to the trip and we learn that child television superstar, Teddy McGiggles (Josh Gad) is on location filming his hit show. Credit where credit is due, Gad turns in a performance that truly embodies what it means to be an infuriating, violence inducing children’s TV presenter that parents dream of punching square in the face. Did I type that out loud?

As things turns from bad to worse at the military testing site next door, zombies break loose and overrun the neighbouring farm, chock full of delicious animals and delectable kids to quench their appetite. They force our unlikely heroes to band together in a gift store and hold fort while they wait for the impending rescue. Amidst the chaos, Miss Caroline flaunts her savvy in calming the little ones with the help of – you guessed it; acoustic Taylor Swift renditions, so good, they’ll turn even the most vigilant anti-pop purest into a chorus chanting crony. The unfortunate debacle also allows Dave to truly step up and connect with not only himself, but his adorable nephew Felix too. A race-against-time event see Miss Caroline switch up her repertoire from cool, collected child whisperer into badass zombie head-basher in a fist pumping, bloody sequence that is nothing short of exquisite. This skilful juggling of action, comedy and melodrama keeps the moving ticking along at a breezy pace. It’s all utterly absurd of course but it’s so thoroughly enjoyable you don’t stop long enough to notice, nor care.


Little Monsters is an absolute delight. Don’t be skeptical of seeing yet another by-the-numbers zombie comedy splashing, this film places highly amongst cult favourites such as Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. With a bit of brains and plenty of heart, this little monster is well worth your time.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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