Woti’s Top 5 Christmas Films

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

‘Tis the season to enjoy a well deserved break from the woes of work, to eat your own body weight in delectable treats and to guzzle down your favourite tipple.

And what better way to indulge your festive faves than with a Christmas movie. Without further ado, here’s Woti’s Top 5 Xmas Films!

5. Jack Frost

image credit netflix.com

I’m not crying you are!! In my book, Michael Keaton can do no wrong. Playing the title character, Jack’s son builds a snowman as a tribute to his father, who tragically passed away the year prior. All it takes is a tune from his magical keepsake harmonica to imbue his creation with Jack’s spirit. Strap in for a bittersweet joyride.

4. Home Alone

image credit berginaldrash.com

There’s a meme circulating that implies Kevin McCallister is in fact hunting the criminal burglars in this movie rather than defending his home. Of course this isn’t the case but it makes for an interesting perspective nonetheless. Kevin is the unfortunate kid left at home when his family set off on vacation. Soon after their borderline mansion is targeted by a couple of crooks, Kevin must use his ingenuity and sarcastic wit to disarm the perps and protect his family home.

3. The Santa Clause

image credit disneyplus.com

Tim Allen is executive toy-maker Scott Calvin, a divorced father trying to keep the spirit of Christmas intact for his young son Charlie. One Christmas Eve, he unwittingly triggers the “Santa clause,” assuming the role of the big guy himself. There’s a rush to save Christmas and he’ll have to do it whilst battling his suspicious ex-wife and her psychiatrist partner’s awful sweater collection.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

image credit netflix.com

Dr. Seuss’s irritable icon could not have found a better pairing in Jim Carrey. He brings a remarkable realism to the asinine curmudgeon that is the Grinch. His loathing of Christmas matched by his disdain for the residents of Whoville, a peppy bunch of community do-gooders, high on the holiday season. Being bad never felt so good.

1. Elf

image credit youtube.com

Will Ferell is an idiot. We know this. Regardless; we love him for it. Buddy the elf has always struggled to fit in after being adopted and raised by Santa’s elves. When he reaches maturity(?) Buddy is offered the chance to travel to New York and seek out his biological father. Chaos of course ensues. Elf is the quintessential Christmas film with charming performances, a sweet message and plenty of quotable, memorable moments.

Theres’ still a few days until Christmas and plenty of time to watch these top picks and a few more too.

Wishing you all the best and a very merry Christmas.


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